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A student's first year at a new school

  • 1.  A student's first year at a new school

    Posted 09-09-2020 15:08
    Not only is this an unprecedented time for all students, but it is huge for those students entering middle, junior, or senior high schools. They are starting new schools, facing teenage emotions, and dealing with COVID. What are some ways a school or educator can address the social emotional needs of these students as they embark on this new year?

    Monica Cantymagli

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    Posted 09-15-2020 08:36
    I think time spent up front allowing students to adjust is priceless. It is so easy to jump right in and start playing catch up with lessons, but there will be time for that. The job of the educator extends beyond training the mind to think critically; it also involves building confidence and security. Take time to get to know your students and allow them to develop friendships among their peers.

    Bianca Kress
    Weld North Education