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What is expected from SEL learners?

  • 1.  What is expected from SEL learners?

    Posted 04-19-2021 08:00
    Edited by Ayla Hargrove 04-19-2021 08:22
    In each lesson, the students are expected to watch a lesson video, participate in the lesson discussions, and complete the Check on Learning Quiz. After 2-3 lessons, students will complete a Call to Action Assignment, which involves reflecting on a short passage with a written response. Each unit culminates in an End of Unit Written Article & Response—where students read an article and respond in writing—and a short End of Unit Assessment. In addition, each unit includes a Parent/Guardian/Mentor Involvement Activity. Educators can also create their own content for students to engage with, including community and school challenges, new discussions, additional surveys/assessments. 

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